For many, it’s a word that’s nearly as frightening as cancer itself. But chemotherapy is simply the use of medications to treat cancer, most commonly intravenously (IV). Chemotherapy works by actually killing cancer cells, and, for some, it’s the only treatment needed. For others, however, chemotherapy works best in combination with other treatments such as surgery, radiation, or a bone marrow transplant. Evergreen provides both neoadjuvant chemotherapy (to reduce the size of a tumor before other treatment options) and adjuvant chemotherapy, which is given after other treatments to destroy any lingering cancer cells.

At Evergreen, we’ve created a treatment environment that is spacious yet intimate; that offers both privacy and a sense of community; that provides a soothing, welcoming, and non-threatening atmosphere whether you’re here for an hour or an entire day. We offer laptops with Internet access, televisions and DVDs, even a quiet corner or two where you can enjoy fresh air from an open window. And if you’d like to bring along a couple of family members, there’s room for them, too.

While we’re pretty sure most people wouldn’t choose to go through chemotherapy, we can promise that, while you’re here, you’ll be made comfortable, relaxed, and at ease.